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Welcome to the 2013
Clicker Leagues

A three month contest for every bit of the internet.
Click one of the icons above to proceed.

What is 'the Clicker Leagues'?

The Clicker Leagues is a 3 month contest created to measure the influence and power of every bit of the internet for the following year.

How does it work?

You enter the name of that you like and support in the right-top textbox. That will bring you to a page where you can see how many times that word is 'clicked'. If you like ot better than that the clickcounter says, you can click the link left to the counter which will refresh the page and add 1 to the counter.
On the first day of the new year (10-1-2013) The winning scores will be announced and will be the winner of their catagory (or the whole contest) for the following year.

Why clicking?

Clicking is something everyone can do, no one is really more talented as the other with it.
This way the scores will only depend on how much fans there are and how much they've got to sacrifice
for their selected name.

There are 3 ways of playing this game


Just simple clicking the button untill your subject has swept away all the competition.


Recruiting is calling friends, sharing on facebook and just simply telling others to join the clicking.


Managing is the most powerfull one of them all. For this you must start groups that click and groups that recruit to orginise. When your page has reached 100000 clicks you can send me an email (stay tuned for address) with nothing but the link to your page. If it indeed has 100000 clicks I will give the page his own ywot and forum so your group can collaborate to reach your goals.

Here is the leading top of pages.
Top Sites Gaming People Internet /R/eddit Youtube Politics Entertainment Countries Bands Brands
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